About Me

I am a born and raised Texan and have called beautiful Austin my home for about 9 years. A passion for nature and science led me to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Animal Biology with a minor in Spanish and a Master of Science in Environmental Policy and Management.

Sadly, travel has not always been a fun experience for me. As a life long sufferer of Crohn’s disease, travel of any kind or duration has been, and still can be, a daunting ordeal. A lifetime of constant anxiety has caused me to develop several phobias and have a general apprehension of anything out of my normal routine. Developing a yoga and meditation practice has helped me control my symptoms and push myself far beyond my comfort zone. I have now traveled extensively and have even lived in Ecuador and Mexico.

Recently, I turned my love of travel into a business I love! Planning trips (even ones I won’t be on) is so much fun for me. If you’re interested in discussing my free travel agent services, please click on the Work With Me tab or visit my booking site.

Join me on this journey through life while I trek our amazing planet to taste local cuisine, live like the natives and document the marvels on this incredible blue dot we call home.

Never Stop Exploring.